Fuel Log Information

Our Fuel Logs

Our fuel log is a new product that can be safely used as a concentrated fuel source in all open fireplaces, wood burning heaters, catalytic converters and combustion stoves. 

They contain approx 8% moisture, whereas "dry" firewood (sold in bulk or bags) is approx 17% ~ 20% moisture and kiln dried wood contains around 12% ~15% moisture. 

The lack of moisture in the finished product leads to a very dense, highly bound log with extremely good burning characteristics. 

Better Burning

Energy is spent evaporating off the higher levels of entrained water in natural firewood, thereby lowering the overall heat value. Because of the low moisture levels in our logs, 90% of the mass of the log is available for useful heat. Therefore radiating more heat on a weight for weight basis than natural firewood. 

In short, our logs can produce 4 times more heat than an ordinary piece of firewood of equivalent mass. NOTE: Burning 1 Cord of dry firewood equals the same amount of BTUs as 268 TWF Logs.


Our Compressed Fire Logs 

  • Are 225% denser than oak
  • Do not fall apart while burning
  • Do not roll due to flat side
  • No fungus, molds or bugs in fire logs
  • No popping or cracking


  • 4 inches in diameter
  • Each weigh approx 5 lbs
  • Length is approx 9 inches


  • 4 Pack - Boxed
  • 6 Pack - Boxed
  • 380 Log Unit - Pallet